How to Declare

When can you declare the major?

Declare the major as soon as you are eligible.

All students: no later than the beginning of the Junior year

Transfer students: during your first semester at UC Berkeley

Declare before or by the 4th week of the semester for preference for enrolling in upper division courses.

Requirements to declare the major:

You must have two of the three prerequisite courses completed or in progress and be enrolled in the third.

How can you declare the major?

Complete these three steps:

  • Fill in completely the "Application and Petition to Declare Major."
  • If not already posted to your CalCentral, provide a copy of your transcript which lists courses that satisfy the major prerequisites that you took anywhere other than Berkeley, with grades (Transcripts are available on our CalCentral system for Cal students).
  • Meet with the Undergraduate Adviser in 215 Kroeber during office hours (Monday-Friday 10am-12pm & 1-4pm).