Anthropology Resources

Archaeological Research Facility

Supports research in archaeology by faculty and graduate students across campus, presentation of results in publications and lectures, and outreach to the public schools.

CoDA: Center for Digital Archaeology

The Center for Digital Archaeology (CoDA) is a team of experienced scholars and professionals from UC Berkeley who believe in the value of using digital technologies for the study and preservation of our cultural heritage. We develop data-driven digital products and educational programs to support organizations interested in the creation, management, and publishing of digital data and rich media. 

Folkore Archive

More than 500,000 items of folklore from around the world, organized in alphabetical order by country or geographical area, and then catalogued according to genre.

Social Sciences Graduate Diversity Office

The George and Mary Foster Anthropology Library

Over 80,000 volumes supporting anthropological research.

The Phoebe Apperson Hearst Museum of Anthropology

Over 3.8 million archaeological, ethnographic, and physical anthropology specimens, photographs and sound recordings.