Graduate Students H-M

Below is a list of graduate students. If you are not listed here and should be, please contact the webmaster.

Caylee Hong

Sociocultural Anthropology sends e-mail)

Research Interests: Energy, Infrastructures, Finance, Enviornmental Justice, Urban Citizenship

Cameron Johnson

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Patricia Kubala

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Research Interests: Psychedelics, religion, Psychiatry

Alexa Kurmanova

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Research Interests: Blackness, Trans Movements, Feminist Movements, Postsocialism, decoloniality, Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Soviet and post-Soviet world, Memory, Intersectionality, Collaborative Methods

Min Lee 李旻

Medical Anthropology sends e-mail)

Research Interests: Medical Anthropology, Anthropology of Food, Anthropology of China, Alternative Food Networks, Obesity and Nutrition 

Sehee Lee

Sociocultural Anthropology

Research Interests: Nation-State, Citizenship, Precarity, Affect, Labor, HCI, Digital Media, Digital Platform, Digital Anthropology

Jacob Liming

Sociocultural Anthropology

Nicole Mabry 

Medical Anthropology

Research Interests: embodiment; climate and ecology; land and landscape; histories of the body; feminist and decolonial science studies; anthropology of science, with particular interest in biomedicine, ecology, and environmental science; feminist and queer theory; critical theory

Danielle MacVicar

Medical Anthropology

José Marrero-Rosado


Research Interests:Bioarchaeology, Historical Archaeology, Paleopathology, Human Osteology, Paleotoxicology, Caribbean Archaeology, Structural Violence, Identity, Commingled Remains

Carlos Martinez

Medical Anthropology

Research Interests: Migration, Deportation, Borders, Refugees, States, Statelessness, Mexico, Latin America

Bri Matusovsky

Medical Anthropology 
Research Interests: Disability Studies, Disability Activism, Animal Rights, Animal Welfare, Biopower, Zoonoses, Systems of Oppression, Queer Feminist Approaches to Anthropology, Systemic Violence, Collective Liberation, Scientific Research, Clinical Trials, Bioethics, United States, Romania, Ukraine, Russia