Student Concerns/Complaints in the Anthropology Department

  The Head Graduate Advisors for sociocultural anthropology, archaeology, and medical anthropology, invite students who have any concerns to reach out as a first step to solving problems during their graduate career.

  While each of the Grad Advisors has responsibilities to one program, you are welcome to raise concerns with any one of them. They will do their best to help with any problems or concerns you have, or will direct you to those campus units best suited to provide the assistance you need. These conversations will be kept in strict confidence unless you explicitly tell them otherwise, or if they concern actions that the University requires them to report.

  The following website provides information on reporting obligations of University personnel:

  The Graduate Committee also wants to remind students that there is a process through which they can seek informal advice and informal or formal resolution of many issues with the support of the Graduate Division. Details and forms are available here: