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The Anthropology annual fund provides critical discretionary support vital for the day-to-day work of our students and faculty. Your gift enables research, graduate and undergraduate student support, teaching, student services, and faculty recruitment. The flexible nature of this fund allows the department’s leadership to address both strategic challenges and opportunities.

Gifts from our alumni and friends will ensure that the Anthroplogy Department remains one of the most distinguished in the world, and the full impact of your gift is felt within the department.  Thank you for your support!

Charter Hill Society 

The members of the Charter Hill Society for Anthropology dept are a community of committed donors who make a three-year pledge of $1,000 or more per year to the Anthropology Annual Fund. Your support will ensure that Berkeley Anthropology students and faculty continue to do their best work, supporting cutting-edge research and outstanding teaching.

Why Join?

Charter Hill Society donors are making possible exciting directions in our graduate and undergraduate student academic and research experiences. Support from Charter Hill helps Berkeley Anthropology sustain its excellence in all domains, ensuring that future generations of students continue to thrive and gain valuable experience in the ground breaking research that Anthropology faculty conduct. 

To make the most impact, consider sustaining the faculty & students of Berkeley  Anthropology by joining the Charter Hill Society.

By making a three-year commitment of $1,000 or more to the Anthropology Annual Fund, you will join a group of generous donors and a network of people who care deeply about the future of our department and are committed to investing in the next generation of Cal Anthropology graduates.

What is the impact of my support?

  • Your support to the Annual Fund provides transformational support for our highest priorities in teaching and research

  • Your investment helps secure and improve the experience and support of our exceptional graduate students, undergraduates, and faculty.

  • You join a group of leaders in the community of UC Berkeley supporters

What are the benefits?

  • Stay engaged and informed about your investment in Anthropology department through email updates, meetings, and newsletters.

  • Participate in special programming for Anthropology, as well as in events with Charter Hill members from around the College of Letters & Science. Recent lectures and events have featured Nobel Laureates and leading figures in sports, government, and entertainment.

  • Interact with our faculty and graduate students to learn more about our recent research discoveries.

  • Opportunities to network with fellow Anthropology alumni around the world.

For more about joining the charter Hill Society for Anthropology, please email orfill out this form to hear back from one of our associates."