Student Learning Goals

Learning Goals for the Major

1. Learning About Anthropology

  • Understand core concepts in contemporary biological anthropology.
  • Understand core concepts in contemporary anthropological archaeology.
  • Understand core concepts in contemporary sociocultural anthropology, including medical anthropology.
  • Develop understanding of the history of anthropological thought.
  • Gain experience in fieldwork and the application of theory and methodology.
  • Develop understanding of the anthropological analysis of visual media and language.

2. Critical Thinking, Communication, and Analytical Goals

  • Encourage critical abilities in the analysis of evolutionary, historical, and contemporary situations.
  • Develop the ability to analyze comprehensively and critically scholarly articles and monographs.
  • Develop facility in conveying anthropological concepts and debates to public audiences.
  • Formulate well-organized written and oral arguments supported by evidence.

3. Learning About the World

  • Understand the structure and transformation of society and culture past and present.
  • Analyze regional and cultural diversity in the organization of human societies and the impact of cultural contacts and globalization.
  • Integrate biological and cultural perspectives on human behavior, social organization, and the environment.
  • Utilize anthropological concepts and methods to understand the history and forms of diversity in US society.