Faculty K-Z

Andrew Wooyoung Kim

Assistant Professor |  Biological Anthropology

OFFICE: TBD (Anthropology and Art Practice Building)

EMAIL: awkim@berkeley.edu(link sends e-mail)

Special Interests

Intergenerational trauma, culture and mental health, psychiatric epidemiology, stress physiology, epigenetics, developmental origins of health and disease, biocultural anthropology, racial justice, critical and decolonial approaches to biological anthropology

Nicholas Laluk

Assistant Professor | Archaeology 

LAB: 55 Anthropology and Art Practice Building (Formerly Known As Kroeber Hall)

Email: nlaluk@berkeley.edu

Special Interests: Decolonization and Indigenization, Indigenous Methodologies, Tribal sovereignty-driven research

Image of Prof. Liu Xin

Xin Liu

Professor  |  Sociocultural Anthropology

OFFICE: 301 Anthropology and Art Practice Building (Formerly Known As Kroeber Hall)

EMAIL: xinliu@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Social cultural anthropology, history and/of anthropology, contemporary trends in social theory, development and culture, China/East Asia.

Lisa Maher

Associate Professor  |  Archaeology

OFFICE: 204 Archaeological Research Facility

LAB: 1 Anthropology and Art Practice Building (Formerly Known As Kroeber Hall)

EMAIL: maher@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Prehistoric Archaeology, Eastern Mediterranean & Africa, Human-Environment Interactions, Geoarchaeology, Micromorphology, Site Formation Processes, Hunter-Gatherer Archaeology, Human Origins and Evolution, Archaeological Sciences, Lithic Technology and Analysis, Archaeological Approaches to Technology, Mortuary Archaeology, Burial Practices in Prehistory, Public Archaeology, Transitions to Food Production, Archaeological Theory and Method, Emergence of Social Complexity.

Karen Nakamura 

Professor  |  Sociocultural Anthropology

Haas Distinguished Chair of Disability Studies; GSI Advisor

OFFICE: 117 Anthropology and Art Practice Building (Formerly Known As Kroeber Hall)

EMAIL: knak@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Cultural anthropology; Disability Studies; LGBT movements; minority social movements and identity politics; visual anthropology and ethnographic filmmaking, Japan.

Stefania Pandolfo

Professor  |  Medical Anthropology, Sociocultural Anthropology

Head Graduate Advisor for Sociocultural Anthropology (Spring 2024)

OFFICE: 201 Anthropology and Art Practice Building (Formerly Known As Kroeber Hall)

EMAIL: pandolfo@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Cultural Anthropology, theories of subjectivity, postcolonial criticism, anthropology and literature; Islam, Middle East and the Maghreb.

Aarti Sethi 

Assistant Researcher 2020 - 2021

Assistant Professor 2021 -    | Sociocultural Anthropology

Email : aartisethi@berkeley.edu 

Office : 333 Anthropology and Art Practice Building (Formerly Known As Kroeber Hall)

Special Interests:

Agrarian Anthropology; Rural Life; Feminist Anthropology; Political Economy; Comparative Religion; South Asia; Debt and Capitalism; Cinema and Media Culture; Ecstatic Experience, Embodiment and Aesthetics; Theories of Mind, Language and Subjectivity; Caste, Structural Violence and Socio-Economic Inequality.

Carolyn Smith

Assistant Professsor  |Sociocultural Anthropology

Email:  casmith@berkeley.edu

Office: TBD 

Special Interests: 

Jun Sunseri 

Associate Professor  |  Archaeology

OFFICE: 214 Archaeological Research Facility

LAB: 197 Anthropology and Art Practice Building (Formerly Known As Kroeber Hall)

EMAIL: jsunseri@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Colonialism, Foodways, Landscapes, Historical and Contemporary Archaeology, Preservation and Heritage, Southwest US and Northern South Africa.

Sarah E. Vaughn  

Associate Professor  |  Sociocultural Anthropology

OFFICE: 335 Anthropology and Art Practice Building (Formerly Known As Kroeber Hall)

EMAIL: sev83@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Cultural Anthropology; (Post)colonial Science Studies; Environment; Expertise; Climate Change; Vulnerability; Critical Theories of Race and Racialization; Theories of Liberalism; Caribbean/Latin America.

William White 

Assistant Professor  |  Archaeology

Undergraduate Faculty Advisor

OFFICE: 210 Archaeological Research Facility

LAB: 55 Anthropology and Art Practice Building (Formerly Known As Kroeber Hall)

EMAIL: wawhite@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Historical Archaeology.

Laurie A. Wilkie

Professor  |  Archaeology

OFFICE: 206 Archaeological Research Facility

LAB: 11 Archaeological Research Facility

EMAIL: lawilkie@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Historical and Contemporary Archaeology, Preservation and Heritage, Household archaeology, US and Caribbean.

Alexei Yurchak  

Professor  |  Sociocultural Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology

Core Faculty Member at the Dept. of Dance, Theater and Performance Studies

OFFICE: 119 Anthropology and Art Practice Building (Formerly Known As Kroeber Hall)

EMAIL: yurchak@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Communism and post-communism, Political Anthropology, Linguistic anthropology, Media and Mediation, Utopias, History, Cold War, Discourse, Subject, Ideology, Sovereignty, Russia, Soviet and post-Soviet world, Irony, Performance and performativity.