Spring 2018

230: 002 Special Topics in Archaeology

Instructor: William White

Term: Spring 2018

Time: Tu 11:00am – 1:59pm

229B: Archaeological Research Strategies

Instructor: Lisa Maher

Term: Spring 2018

Time: W 2:00pm – 4:59pm

Required for all first and second year graduate students in archaeology. Three hours of seminar discussion of major issues in the history and theory of archaeological research and practice (229A), and of the research strategies and design for various kinds of archaeological problems (229B). To be offered alternate semesters.

221: Pre-Columbian Central America

Instructor: Rosemary Joyce

Term: Spring 2018

Time: W 10:00am – 11:59am

217: Discourse and of the Body

Instructor: Charles Briggs

Term: Spring 2018

Time: W 11:00am – 12:59pm

This course juxtaposes discourse analysis and approaches to health and biomedicine, querying how ideologies of language and communication provide implicit foundations for work on health, disease, medicine, and the body and how biopolitical discourses and practices inform constructions of discourse.

199: Supervised Independent Study

Instructor: Jun Sunseri

Term: Spring 2018

Supervised independent study and research

H195B: Senior Honors

Instructor: Karen Nakamura

Term: Spring 2018

Systematic readings in history and modern theory, collection and analysis of research materials, and the preparation of an honors thesis. Group or individual tutorials.