122E: Archaeology of the Americas

Andean Archaeology: People of the Andes 

Instructor: Christine Hastorf

Term: Spring 2019

Time: Tu, Th 11:00 am - 12:29 pm

Units: 4

Course Number: 30119

Course Description: 

One of the most diverse environments in the world is host to a rich, intriguing, robust and long history.  With occupation starting before 12,000 years ago, we have evidence for social and ritual complexity in the archaeological record dating before 3000 B.C.E., at the same time or earlier as other great civilizations. The ebbs and flows in the cultures throughout the Andean region up until today display extremes of rich well preserved tapestries on the coast to impoverished foragers surrounding saline lakes in recent times.  How have these changes come to pass and how have people sustained their livelihoods over so many ecological and political changes?  Globalism, El Niños and sacred beings all contribute to this long, successful and rich world we will learn about in this class through visuals, readings and debates. The indigenous ontology of Andean people will be presented and discussed.  Extra class lectures will be presented on campus this term to learn from scholars on this topic. 

Class requirements: 

2 in Class Quizzes

3 in Class Debates Disccusions 

1 Thought Paper Writing Assignment

1 Take Home Final