127C: Bioarchaeology: Reconstruction of Life in Bioarchaeology

Bioarchaeology Research: Data Collection and Analysis 

Instructor:  Sabrina C Agarwal

Term: Spring 2019

Time: 1:00 pm - 1:59 pm

Units: 4

Course Number: 32725

Course Description: 

Bioarchaeology is the study of archaeological human skeletal remains together with contextual information (archival, historical, material culture) to provide insight on the life of people and communities in the past. In this course you will delve into the formative contemporary literature and get to work with actual archaeological skeletal remains in order to learn bioarchaeological methods, develop your own research questions, and conduct and complete a hands-on research project. You will work with skeletal remains from the stage of identification, inventory, illustration/photography, to the collection of data such as sex, age, stature, and health/growth, pathology, and statistical analysis.

This is a combined course with ANTHRO 230 - 003.