Emeriti Faculty

Stanley H. Brandes

Professor Emeritus  |  Medical Anthropology, Sociocultural Anthropology

OFFICE: 309 Kroeber Hall

EMAIL: brandes@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Ritual and religion; food and drink; the anthropology of alcohol use; visual anthropology; and the cultural anthropology of Mediterranean Europe and Latin America (emphasis on Spain and Mexico).

Margaret W. Conkey

Professor Emerita |  Archaeology

OFFICE: 109 Archaeological Research Facility

EMAIL: meg@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Prehistoric archaeology, hunter-gatherers, prehistoric art and symbolism, gender studies in archaeology; Old World, Southwestern Europe.

Nelson H. Graburn

Professor Emeritus |  Sociocultural Anthropology

OFFICE: 325 Kroeber Hall

EMAIL: graburn@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Ethnic arts, tourism, heritage, museums; multiculturalism, Inuit, Circumpolar peoples, China, Japan.

John A. Graham

Professor Emeritus |  Archaeology

EMAIL: jagraham001@gmail.com

Special Interests

Mesoamerican culture history, particularly Maya and Olmec archaeology and art, Maya epigraphy, history of archaeology.

Eugene A. Hammel

Professor Emeritus |  Sociocultural Anthropology

EMAIL: gene@demog.berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Social anthropology, statistical and formal analysis of social anthropological data, computer applications, peasant society and culture, demography; Europe.

Patrick V. Kirch

Chancellor's Professor Emeritus |  Archaeology

OFFICE: 109 Archaeological Research Facility

EMAIL: kirch@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Prehistory and ethnography of Oceania, ethnoarchaeology and settlement archaeology, prehistoric agricultural systems, cultural ecology and paleoenvironmentalism, ethnobotany and ethnoscience, development of complex societies in Oceania.

Jack M. Potter

Professor Emeritus |  Sociocultural Anthropology

EMAIL: zengbu@comcast.net

Special Interests

Social anthropology, classical social theory, peasants, change, ethnographic film; China, Thailand, U.S.

Paul Rabinow

Professor Emeritus |  Cultural Anthropology

OFFICE: 311 Kroeber

EMAIL: rabinow@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Cultural anthropology, philosophy of human and life sciences, modernity, the contemporary; France.

Nancy Scheper-Hughes

Chancellor's Professor Emerita |  Medical Anthropology, Sociocultural Anthropology

OFFICE: 321Kroeber Hall

EMAIL: nsh@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Critical Medical Anthropology, the anthropology of violence, madness and culture, inequality and marginality, childhood and the family, Ireland, Brazil, Cuba, South Africa.

M. Steven Shackley

Professor Emeritus |  Archaeology

EMAIL: shackley@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Geoarchaeology, North American Southwest, lithic technology and analytical chemistry in archaeology, hunter-gatherers.

Ruth E. Tringham

Professor Emerita |  Archaeology

Professor of the Graduate School (Anthropology)

OFFICE: 109 Archaeological Research Facility

EMAIL: tringham@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Archaeology, European (especially Central and Eastern), Mediterranean, and Anatolian Prehistory, Early Agriculturalists, Architecture, Household Archaeology, Feminist Practice of Archaeology, New Media.

Donald S. Moore

Professor Emeritus | Sociocultural Anthropology 

OFFICE: 331 Kroeber Hall

EMAIL: dsmoore@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Cultural politics; race, ethnicity, and identity; spatiality and power; governmentality; development; environment; postcolonial theory; Africa.


Laura Nader

Professor Emeritus |  Sociocultural Anthropology

OFFICE: 313 Kroeber Hall

EMAIL: lanad@berkeley.edu(link sends e-mail)

Special Interests

Cultural anthropology, comparative methods, law, dispute resolution, controlling processes, kinships, professional mind-sets, Middle East, Mexico, and U.S.