Biological Anthropology

Terrence W. Deacon

Contact OFFICE: 329 Anthropology and Art Practice Building (Formely Known As Kroeber Hall) E-MAIL: OFFICE HOURS Open OF: Tuesdays 2:00PM - 4:00PM By Appointment: Thursdays 12:00PM - 4:00PM

196: Sex and Gender in Biological Anthropology

Instructor: Sabrina Agarwal

Term: Fall 2019

Time: W 1:00pm-3:00pm

Room: 221 Kroeber

This course takes a bioanthropological approach to the study of variation in sex and gender across the primate species, within and across human populations, and throughout time. Topics include the biological foundations and evolution of sex and sexuality, and the biocultural constructions of sex and gender. References will include evolutionary...

112: Special Topics in Biological Anthropology: Forensic Anthropology


Term: Summer 2019 Session: D

Time: M, T, W, Th 12:00pm - 1:59pm

Forensic anthropology has seen a lot of exposure through popular television, shows like CSI, Bones, and Law and Order. Have you ever wondered how much of what you were seeing was real? How much can we learn about a person’s life and death from their body/skeleton? This course is designed as an introductory class for students interested in demystifying and getting to know the real forensic...