128: Special Topics in Archaeology – African Diaspora Archaeology

Instructor: William White

Term: Fall 2019

Time: Tu, Th 12:30 pm – 1:59 pm

Room: Latimer 105

The history of African diasporic people is about more than slavery. This course is an overview of the archaeology of African Diaspora sites occupied between the 13th and 20thcenturies. The goal is to increase your understanding of the ways economics, environments, networks, governments, religions and culture all coalesced to create vibrant black communities around the world. Students will investigate some of the roles anthropology and archaeology have played in defining, informing, and promoting images of black people throughout time, and some of the ways archaeology has impacted African diasporic communities. The course will use archaeological data from Africa, the Western Hemisphere and beyond as a starting point for thinking about the significant contributions black people have made to today’s society.

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