084: 002 Sophomore Seminar – Tourism, Art and Heritage

Instructor: Nelson Graburn

Term: Fall 2017

Time: F 2:00pm – 2:59pm

Sophomore seminars are small interactive courses offered by faculty members in departments all across the campus. Sophomore seminars offer opportunity for close, regular intellectual contact between faculty members and students in the crucial second year. The topics vary from department to department and semester to semester.

The course focuses on anthropological approaches to the two main topics: tourism and heritage. Tourism is a form of secular ritual involving travel, commonly associated with modernity; there is a close relationship between tourism and pilgrimage. Heritage includes tangible and intangible parts of culture, especially forms of art, consciously preserved from the past, often for tourism. The class will focuses on the student’s own experiences in, family heritage and social rituals, arts and travel experiences, in relation to ideas discussed in class and in the readings. Students will be expected to attend events of the Tourism Studies Working Group (some Friday evenings) at least four times a term and join the group for dinner afterwards; these topics can be discussed in class. See www.tourismstudies.org.

Requirements Class Fulfills:

  • Meets the Sciences and Society Course Thread