Student Resources

Recalibrate(link is external)

a website that guides you to campus wellness resources

The Graduate Wellness Center 

A satellite office for CAPS and the Disabled Students Program. The Wellness Center provides graduate-focused wellness and mental health services, including individual, couples, and group counseling, DSP accommodations and services, and virtual workshops(link is external) specific to graduate students. Make a telephone counseling appointment by calling Dr. Amy Honigman at (510) 664-5117.

Counseling and Psychological Services

(at University Health Center)

Confidential counseling for students, consultation about students of concern and for help connecting students to counseling or other resources 

After-Hours Assistance Line 

For consultation with a counselor after CPS business hours and as a crisis resource for students after business hours 

Alcoholics Anonymous of California  helps those battling alcoholism find AA meetings and a path to recovery that lessens the anguish of recurrence. We provide a wealth of information that people can use to recognize unhelpful behavioral tendencies and determine the best course of action for successfully overcoming the difficult challenges of alcohol addiction.

Social Services(link is external)(link is external) (at University Health Center)

For connecting a student to counseling for substance use, disordered eating, sexual assault or harassment and/or other health concerns. 

PATH to Care(link is external) (confidential support and advocacy for survivors of sexual violence)

The Centers of Educational Justice & Community Engagement(link is external)(link is external), Division of Equity & Inclusion
Gender Equity Resource Center(link is external) (support and connection for the LGBTQ+ community)

Disabled Students Program(link is external)(link is external)


Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination(link is external)(link is external) 

510-643-2005 (urgent Sexual Violence and Sexual Harrassment 24/7 Support Care Line)

Basic Needs Center (housing, food pantry, food aid, and more)(link is external)(link is external)

Food resources: 510-463-4170
Care Coordinators: 510-519-4003 (if urgent)

Student Parent Center(link is external)(link is external)

For appointments and quick question

UC Police Department Emergency 

911 510-642-3333 (from cell phone) 
For concerns about students who may pose an immediate danger to self or others


Alameda County 24-hour Crisis Hotline
For immediate, confidential crisis support and intervention

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

800-273-TALK (8255) 
For immediate, confidential crisis support and intervention 

Alta Bates Summit Medical Center 

2450 Ashby Avenue 
Berkeley, CA 94705 
This is the closest hospital and emergency room (ER) to campus, located just east of Telegraph Avenue.