Sara Ann Knutson

Research Interests: Networks; Eurasia; Economic Anthropology; Museum Anthropology; Race; Digital Archaeology


I am an archaeologist and PhD candidate in the Department of Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley. Trained in medieval History, Archaeology, and Ancient & modern languages, I work on the Archaeology of global networks and transregional communities of practice in Eurasia, particularly in the Arab World and Eastern Europe.

My interests include economic Anthropology, museum Anthropology, numismatics, race and ethnicity, diasporas and human migrations, theories of materiality (including New Materialism) and digital methods in Anthropology, including Social Network Analysis (SNA).

Published Work: 

2021. “Itinerant Assemblages and Material Networks: The Application of Assemblage Theory to Network Analysis Methods.” Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory. Link:

2020. "When Objects Misbehave: Materials & Assemblages in the Ancient Scandinavian Myths.” Fabula: Zeitschrift für Erzählforschung/ Journal of Folktale Studies 61 (3-4): 257-277.

Winner of the UC Berkeley Jeanne P. Steager Memorial Prize in Folklore (2020) Link:

2020. “An Archaeology of Diasporas.” Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology (Ed. C. Smith). New York: Springer Reference. 1-7. Link:

2019. “The Materiality of Myth: Divine Objects in Norse Mythology.” Temenos- Nordic Journal of Comparative Religion 55(1). 29-53. Link:

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2016. “Bridges to Eternity: A Reexamination of the Adoption of Christianity in Viking-Age Sweden.” Viking and Medieval Scandinavia 12: 87--101. Link: