Raphael Frankfuter

Research Interests: West Africa, Ebola, Affect Theory, Subjectivity, Magic and Witchcraft, Global Health, securitization, care and disregard

Published Work:

Frankfurter, Raphael G. (2019), Conjuring Biosecurity in the Post‐Ebola Kissi Triangle: The Magic of Paperwork in a Frontier Clinic. Medical Anthropology Quarterly, 33: 517-538. doi:10.1111/maq.12528

Frankfurter, Raphael G. Mara Kardas-Nelson, Adia Benton, Mohamed Bailor Barrie, Yusupha Dibba, Paul Farmer & Eugene T. Richardson (2019) “Indirect rule redux: the political economy of diamond mining and its relation to the Ebola outbreak in Kono District, Sierra Leone,” Review of African Political Economy, DOI: 10.1080/03056244.2018.1547188

Frankfurter, Raphael G., Mara Kardas-Nelson (2018). “Who are Sierra Leone’s health security efforts for?” British Medical Journal October 8, 2018; 363 :k4196

Frankfurter, Raphael G (2016). “Dead Body Management’ And The 2014-2015 Ebola Outbreak In Sierra Leone”. The Routledge Handbook Of Medical Anthropology. Eds. Lenore Manderson, Elizabeth Cartwright and Anita Hardon. Routledge.

Frankfurter, Raphael G (2014). “The Danger in Losing Sight of Ebola Victims’ Humanity.” The Atlantic, August 22, 2014.