Pascale Boucicaut

Research Interests: Museum Anthropology, Cultural Heritage, Materiality, Transatlantic Slavery and The MIddle Passage


Pascale Boucicaut works between historical archaeology, museum anthropology, and heritage studies to broadly explore transatlantic slavery and its afterlives. Her research considers the ubiquity of slavery’s material presence in the Atlantic world, and its ramifications in the present. Currently, she is working to locate and identify material culture of the middle passage from within curated collections and archives in the Netherlands, the United States, and elsewhere. Pascale also employs curatorial methods to interpret the affective potential of slavery’s artifacts, and as a mode for conveying her research across broad and diverse publics.

Her interests include museums, archives, oceans, maritime cultural landscapes, slavery and its afterlives, Afrofuturism, theories of materiality, surveillance, sovereignty, cultural heritage, and curating as anthropological method