William F. Hanks, 2015 Staley Prize winner

March 27, 2015

The Department is delighted to announce that William F. Hanks, Berkeley Distinguished Chair in Linguistic Anthropology, has been selected to receive the prestigious 2015 Staley Prize from the School of Advanced Research in Santa Fe for his book, Converting Words, Maya in the Age of the Cross (University of California Press, 2010).

 Converting Words also received the 2010 Sapir Book Prize from the AAA's Society of Linguistic Anthropology.   With the 2015 Staley Prize, Professor Hanks solidifies Berkeley Anthropology's status as the program with the highest number of Staley Award winners, joining fellow recipients and colleagues Charles Briggs (2007), Terrence Deacon (2005), Lawrence Cohen (2003), Nancy Scheper-Hughes (2000), and Patrick Kirch (1998). Congratulations, Bill!