Professor Emerita Margaret (Meg) Conkey wins the SAA Lifetime Achievement Award

May 2, 2016
Date/Time: Monday, May 2, 2016 - 13:30

Meg Conkey has earned the SAA’s Lifetime Achievement Award for her combination of scholarship and service to the profession. Meg’s research along with that of her collaborators significantly broadened our approaches to and understanding of people and their diversity in the past. She has shown the importance and possibility of studying gender as a basic dimension of the human experience and has been instrumental in bringing studies of rock art and art in general into the mainstream of research. Meg has helped to change the face of the field through encouragement and recruitment of women and minorities. She served as a national leader in archaeology, including her presidency of the SAA, and the AAA Archaeology Division, as well as through numerous other organizational contributions. This award proudly lauds Meg’s lifetime achievement in archaeology.