Dame Marilyn Strathern to Speak at UCB: 290 Lecture on 4/16 and Foerester Lecture on 4/17

April 16, 2018
Our next 290 speaker will be Professor Marilyn Strathern, who will be speaking twice for our campus. 
Dame Strathern will first present at our normal 290 hours, from 2-4pm next Monday, April 16th. Her abstract as follows:
The language of gender: Problems and counter-problems in anthropological description.  This is a work in progress paper, imagined as a kind of clearing ground.What has to be cleared up, or out of the way, are formulations of gender and sexuality that at one stage seemed to be solutions to problems in the conceptualization of Melanesian social life.Certain renderings of the ‘partible person’ or ‘androgyne’ are among are among those I have propagated, and they have since become problems too.Perhaps the fineness of the line between maintaining responsibility for one’s words and recognizing when they have had their day justifies the personal nature of this account.
Light refreshments will be served. 
Dame Strathern is also this year's Foerster Lecturer. She will be giving an additional presentation at the Toll Room of the Alumni House.  (The link will give you directions to find the Alumni House on campus.) 
She will be speaking at the Alumni House next Tuesday, April 17th from  4-6pm. Posters for this lecture have been posted along the Anthro hallways.