Congratulations to Professor Kent Lightfoot - Lifetime Achievement Award

April 29, 2021

On Wed, April 28th, 2021, UC Berkeley Anthropology Professor Kent Lightfoot was awarded the David A. Fredrickson Lifetime Achievement Award of the Society for California Archaeology. Professor Lightfoot has been carrying out pioneering archaeological research in California since joining the Berkeley Anthropology faculty in 1987. Dr. Lightfoot’s research has emphasized the collaboration of working with Native Americans in the greater San Francisco Bay Area to bring the past to light, and to make it relevant to today’s indigenous populations and archaeologists. The nomination stressed not only the numerous and impactful publications authored and directed by Lightfoot, including key studies on the multi-ethnic communities at Fort Ross, on the legacies of colonial encounters in California and the differential impacts on native groups, on environmental issues in the lives of native Californians. and on challenging the divide between prehistory and history in archaeological practice.

And recently, Professor Lightfoot was also named "Best Professor" in a recent Daily Cal story:

Congratulations Professor!