Congratulations, Professor James Holston - Carlsberg Foundation Award Winner

February 2, 2023

The Department of Anthropology is pleased to announce that the Social Apps Lab, under the direction of Professor James Holston, has won a generous award from the Carlsberg Foundation, Denmark, to develop a digital research infrastructure (PeerDB). The digital platform will integrate and operationalize data configurations about associational life in eleven Danish Social Housing Estates in Copenhagen. The National Museum of Denmark’s Research Center for Social Urban Modeling (SUMO), directed by Research Professor Morten Nielsen, has launched five separate research projects on urban associational life (foreningsliv, both formal and informal) in these estates, funded by a combination of large and multi-year grants, for which Prof. Holston also serves as senior research collaborator. The PeerDB infrastructure will allow SUMO’s research teams to analyze datasets of various types and formats that consider civic organizations' constitution, emergence, and decline. Researchers will use this coordination of data at an unprecedented scale to study issues of citizenship, democracy, “social mixing,” the devolution of welfare governance, and sustainable urban development in Denmark.

Congratulations, Professor James Holston!