Congratulations Dr. Rosemary Joyce - Jesús Núñez Chinchilla Prize in Inclusive Investigation of the Cultural Patrimony of Honduras

August 1, 2022
The Honduran Institute for Anthropology and History (IHAH) has awarded Dr. Rosemary Joyce, along with her partner and collaborator, Dr. Russell Sheptak, the Jesús Núñez Chinchilla Prize, in the category of "Inclusive Investigation of the Cultural Patrimony of Honduras."

This is the highest level of recognition that is possible for research in anthropology and history in Honduras. The actual citation says "With the backing of vast empirical evidence, Dr. Joyce has established the use of gender theory in archaeological investigations", adds "Thanks to these interpretations, Dr. Joyce has not only enriched data about how prehispanic societies organized their gender and family relations, but also the manner in which academic practices for the generation of knowledge are related to the heteronormative frameworks of the investigators themselves", ending with the statement that "The IHAH hopes that the lines of investigation traced in the work of Dr. Joyce will continue being cultivated by the younger generation of anthropologists, archaeologists, and historians. This will permit having an integrated vision of indigenous societies, of their relations of power and of their forms of social organization".

We congratulate Dr. Joyce on this wonderful achievement!