Anthropology Department recipient of the 2021 American Cultures Departmental Award for Excellence in Teaching

November 29, 2021

In the 30th Anniversary year of the first AC courses offered on campus, it is particularly appropriate that the AC Prizes Selection Committee awards for the first time the American Cultures Departmental Excellence in Teaching Award. In recognition of the sustained and excellent contributions of the Department of Anthropology, and in particular the 2020-2021 collective contributions of Professor Charles Briggs, 160AC; Dr. Christopher Lowman, 2AC; Professor Kent Lightfoot, Anthropology C12AC (with co-instructor Professor Scott Stephens) and Professor Rosemary Joyce, L&S 180AC.  

Several characteristics of the rich collective contributions by the department to the AC curriculum across every level of the undergraduate program were noted by the committee: a collaborative pedagogical process; equity-centered assignment structures; integration of research-based learning opportunities; the scaffolding of multidisciplinary optics into the analytical process; and the mutuality fostered between student contributions and the teaching process. The committee noted that these features exist inside and alongside very large course enrollments. 
Congratulations to the Department of Anthropology!