Jaleel Mashaul Plummer

Research Interests/Special Interestsmental illness/madness, blackness, surveillance, belonging, gender, subversion, aesthetics, psychoanalysis, critical race theory, afro-pessimism, afro-surrealism, the Caribbean diaspora


Jaleel Plummer is a PhD student in Medical Anthropology interested in the relation between blackness, madness, surveillance and how each impacts the lives of Afro-Caribbeans in London, United Kingdom. Jaleel will investigate the high incidence of Black people diagnosed with schizophrenia and detained in psychiatric institutions and how (non)statutory agencies such as public health and the police attempt to surveil and manage Black bodies. This will be done in conjunction with the current state of London as the "most surveilled city in the world" where racialized notions of belonging can emerge. 

Jaleel graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a BA in Anthropology, with a focus on medical anthropology, black spaces and the biopolitics of resilience. Jaleel is currently seeking out alternatives to current systems that perpetuate potentially violent encounters towards people of color with(out) a mental illness.