Fabian Fernandez

Research Interest: Violence in healthcare settings, security/surveillance, trauma-informed care, collective safety, transformative justice, migration, queer theory, critical race theory, and health social movements


Fabian Fernandez is a MD/PhD in medical anthropology interested in the intersections of medicine with critical race theory, postcolonial struggles, queer liberation, and state violence. Fabian graduated from Yale with a B.A. in Medical Anthropology and Masters in Public Health. Fabian has collaborated on different projects including: brothel organizing in rural Ecuador, HIV+ communities in Cuba, the U.S. criminalization of sex work, and the management of violence in U.S. hospitals. Fabian also organizes with Do No Harm Coalition and Clínica Martín Baró, write spoken word, enjoy gardening in the sun, and find healing in ancestral and somatic practices


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  • Fernandez, Fabian. Hands Up: A Systematized Review of Policing Sex Workers in the US. Diss. Yale University, 2016.