Faculty A-K

Sabrina C. Agarwal

Professor |  Archaeology, Biological Anthropology

OFFICE: 212 Archaeological Research Facility

EMAIL: agarwal@berkeley.edu(link sends e-mail)

Special Interests

Bioarchaeology, biological and evolutionary anthropology, osteology and osteoporosis, health and disease, inequality/structural violence, aging/disability, paleopathology, bioethics.

Charles L. Briggs

Professor  |  Folklore, Medical Anthropology, Sociocultural Anthropology

Folklore Chair

Medical Anthropology Co-Director

OFFICE: 307 Kroeber Hall

EMAIL: clbriggs@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Social/cultural anthropology, especially as relating to linguistic and medical anthropology, narrative, media and mediatization, folklore and performance, racialization, and violence.

Lawrence Cohen

Professor  |  Medical Anthropology, Sociocultural Anthropology

Medical Anthropology Co-Director

OFFICE: 319 Kroeber Hall

EMAIL: cohen@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Social Cultural Anthropology, Medical and Psychiatric Anthropology, Critical Gerontology, Lesbian and Gay Studies and Feminist and Queer Theory.

Terrence W. Deacon

Professor  |  Biological Anthropology

OFFICE: 329 Kroeber Hall

EMAIL: deacon@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Brain development and evolution, origins of language, bio-cultural evolution, emergence.

Nicholas Dirks

Professor  |  Sociocultural Anthropology

OFFICE: 3224 Dwinelle Hall

EMAIL: ndirks@berkeley.edu

Mariane C. Ferme

Professor  |  Sociocultural Anthropology

Curator of African Ethnology for Hearst Museum of Anthropology

Sociocultural House Head

OFFICE: 321 Kroeber Hall

EMAIL: mcf@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

West Africa and Sierra Leone; sociocultural theory and methods; history of anthropology; the political imagination; access to justice and transitional justice institutions; materiality; rural livelihoods.

Daniel Fisher

Associate Professor  |  Sociocultural Anthropology

OFFICE: 323 Kroeber Hall

EMAIL: dtfisher@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Social Cultural Anthropology; Media; Music and Sound; Photography and Cinema; Australia.

Image of Dr. Daena Funahashi, Socio-cultural Anthropology professor

Daena Funahashi

Assistant Professor  |  Medical Anthropology, Sociocultural Anthropology

OFFCIE: 205 Kroeber

EMAIL: funahashi@berkeley.edu

 Special Interests

Cultural Anthropology; Medical Anthropology; Continental Philosophy; Sacrifice; Addiction; Ethnographic Writing; Scientific Authority; Political economy; Theories of Negativity; Southeast Asia (Thailand), Nordic welfare (Finland)

Junko Habu

Professor  |  Archaeology

OFFICE: 208 Archaeological Research Facility

LAB: 314 Kroeber Hall

EMAIL: habu@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Archaeology and anthropology of hunter-gatherers and small-scale societies; human-environmental dynamics; sedentism; landscape archaeology; sociopolitics of archaeology; climate change; local and global environmental issues; Japan, East Asia and the North Pacific Rim.

William F. Hanks

Professor  |  Sociocultural Anthropology

OFFICE: 315 Kroeber Hall

EMAIL: wfhanks@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Maya culture, language in culture, discourse, cognition and communication, shamanism, the logic of anthropological inquiry, anthropology of literature.

Christine Hastorf

Professor  |   Archaeology

OFFICE: 215 Archaeological Research Facility

LAB: 65 Kroeber Hall

EMAIL: hastorf@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Food and agriculture, archaeology, political complexity, gender, paleoethnobotany; Andes.

Cori Hayden

Associate Professor  |  Medical Anthropology, Sociocultural Anthropology

OFFICE: 327 Kroeber Hall

EMAIL: cphayden@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Anthropology of science, technology, and medicine; Latin America (particularly Mexico); post-colonial science studies; kinship, gender, and queer studies.

Charles Hirschkind

 Department Chair

 Associate Professor | Sociocultural Anthropology

OFFICE: 305 Kroeber Hall

EMAIL: chirschk@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Religion, anthropology of the senses, media theory, language and performance, Islam and the Middle East.

James Holston

Professor  |  Sociocultural Anthropology

OFFICE: 303 Kroeber Hall

EMAIL: jholston@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Cities and citizenship; political theory, democracy, and law; planning and architecture; urban ethnography; Brazil, the Americas.

Rosemary Joyce

Professor  |   Archaeology

Graduate Faculty Advisor

OFFICE: 207 Archaeological Research Facility

EMAIL: rajoyce@berkeley.edu

Special Interests

Materiality and the archaeology of inequality; gender, sex, and sexuality; cultural heritage policy; Central America and Mexico.