Jun Sunseri

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Assistant Professor
Undergraduate Faculty Advisor, Archaeology
Special Interests: 
Colonialism, Foodways, Landscapes, Historical and Contemporary Archaeology, Preservation and Heritage, Southwest US and Northern South Africa

Jun's research focuses on the relationships between colonization and the transformation of indigenous landscapes, foodways, and identities. His work uses multiple, complementary lines of evidence of varied types and spatial scales, including analysis of archaeological faunal and ceramic assemblages related to domestic foodways, as well as GIS analysis of remote sensing, survey, and excavation data to recognize patterning of the tactical and engineered landscapes of the past. His field experiences include those in New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Mali, Lesotho, and South Africa.

2251 College, Rm. 214; Lab 197 Kroeber
Office: 664-4888, Lab: 2-4105
Office Hours: 
Wednesday 3:30-5pm, Thurs 8-9:30am (ARF)