How to Declare a Major/Minor

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When can you declare the major?

Declare the major as soon as you are eligible.

All students: no later than the beginning of the Junior year Transfer students: during your first semester at UC Berkeley

Declare before or by the 4th week of the semester for preference for enrolling in upper division courses.

Requirements to declare the major

You must have two of the three prerequisite courses completed or in progress and enrolled in the third, and have a 2.0 GPA in the coursework for the major.

How can you declare the major?

Complete these three steps:

  • Fill in completely the "Application and Petition to Declare Major".
  • If not posted to your CalCentral, provide  a copy of transcript listing courses that satisfy the major prerequisites that you took anywhere other than Berkeley, with grades (Transcrips are available on our CalCentral system for Cal students)
  • Meet with the Undergraduate Adviser in 215 Kroeber during office hours (Monday-Friday 10-12 & 1-4)

Major Requirements

Lower Division Prerequisites (3 total)

  • Anthro 1: Introduction to Biological Anthropology
  • Anthro 2 or 2AC: Introduction to Archaeology
  • Anthro 3 or 3AC: Introduction to Social Cultural Anthropology

Note: The three lower division pre-requisites may be taken in any order.

Upper Division Required Courses (9 total)

  • Anthro 114: History of Anthropological Thought
  • Biological Core: Chose from Anthropology courses numbered 100-112, 127A, B
  • Archaeology Core: Choose from Anthropology courses numbered 121-136H, 174AC
  • Sociocultural Core: Chose from Anthropology courses numbered 115-119, 137-189A
  • Five Anthropology Electives: Choose five (5) from Anthropology courses numbered 100-196; graduate seminars numbered 200-280 can satisfy this requirement

Be sure to include at least one Area course and one Methods course in the nine upper-division courses.

  • Area courses are numbered 121-125, 128A, 170-188, 189A
  • Methods courses are numbered C100, C103, 121C, 127A, 128M, 131,132, 132A, 134, 134A, 135A, 135B, 136A-I, 138B, 139, 160AC, 169A, 169B

Notes on the completing the major requirements

Lower division courses may be completed in any order. Anthropology 1 is offered only in spring and summer. Anthropology 2 and 3 are offered during both Fall and Spring, and usually during the summer.

Anthro 114 should be completed in the junior year.

Courses taken to satisfy the Area or Method requirement simultaneously satisfy one of the 9 required upper division courses. Examples:

  • Anthropology 189A will satisfy both the Area requirement and one of the 5 electives
  • Anthropology 132A will satisfy both the Methods and the Archaeology Core.

All courses taken to satisfy the major requirements must be taken on a letter-graded basis.

A minimum grade point average of 2.0 must be maintained in the lower and upper division Anthropology courses.

A minimum of 5 upper division requirements must be completed in the Anthropology Department at Berkeley. A maximum of four courses taken at other institutions (including those of the Education Abroad Program, (EAP) of UC system ) may be used to meet upper-division major requirements subject to faculty review and approval. Submit a Course Substitution petition and provide a detailed syllabus (not a course description), the course reading list and a personal statement addressing the appropriateness of a given course to be a proper substitution for a Berkeley anthropology course.

Minor Program

When can you declare the minor?

When you have completed all 7 courses, or during the semester you are enrolled in the final course(s).

Declare the minor as soon as you are eligible.

Requirements to declare the minor

  • Complete a total of seven classes: two lower-division and five upper division courses. See description of the major for details on the eligible courses.
  • A minimum of four upper-division courses must be taken at UC Berkeley in the Anthropology Department (upon approval, one course may be from an EAP, or taken at another 4 year institution).
  • All courses must be taken for a letter grade.
  • A minimum 2.0 average is required in all anthropology course work.
  • A maximum of one approved upper-division course may satisfy requirements of both the student's major and the anthropology minor program.

How can you declare the minor?

Complete these three steps:

  • Complete the "Petition for Confirmation of Minor Program Completion" and the "Minor Application Form".
  • Provide photocopies of transcripts showing courses satisfying the minor that you took anywhere other than Berkeley, with the grades you earned (continuing Berkeley students may request copies of their transfer transcripts from the Undergraduate Admissions Office in 110 Sproul).
  • Submit all documentation to the Undergraduate Advising Office in 215 Kroeber.