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Professor Emeritus |Sociocultural Anthropology
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Special Interests

Ethnic arts, tourism, heritage, museums; multiculturalism, Inuit, Circumpolar peoples, China, Japan.


I was educated in Classics at King's, Canterbury and Natural Sciences and Anthropology at Cambridge, McGill and University of Chicago. I have carried out ethnographic research with the Inuit (and Naskapi) of Canada (and Alaska and Greenland) since 1959, and in Japan (and East and Southeast Asia) since 1974, and China since 1991.

I have taught at Berkeley since 1964, with visiting appointments at the National Museum of Civilization, Ottawa, Le Centre des Hautes Etudes Touristiques, Aix-en-Provence, the National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) in Osaka, the Research Center for Korean Studies, Kyushu National University, Fukuoka, the International Institute for Culture, Tourism and Development, London Metropolitan University, the UF Rio Grande del Sol, Porto Alegre, Brazil and I have lectured at twenty-four Chinese universities.F. At Berkeley, I teach my seminar on Tourism, Art and Modernity (since 1977) and I am co-chair of the Tourism Studies Working Group ( My recent research has focused on the study of art, tourism, museums, and the expression and representation of identity. I am now working on Contemporary Tourism in Asia (Japan and China). I am continuing my research on contemporary Inuit arts including "urban Inuit arts" and I also work with the Canadian Inuit cultural organization, Avataq, in Nouveau Quebec, and with Inuit institutions in Iqaluit, Nunavut, on aspects of cultural preservation and autonomy.

Representative Publications


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Recent papers:

2015  人类学视野下的少数民族旅游与遗产:中国和西方的比较研究.” [Anthropological Visions of Ethnic Tourism and Heritage: China and the West]. Journal of Blaise College (Guangxi)

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“…a valuable addition to the increasing literature on Japanese multiculturalism which has challenged the long-held homogeneous Japan thesis…A particular contribution of this … book is to illuminate the ground-level process where hybridities emerge and group boundaries are redrawn in a particular local context…I greatly enjoyed reading [this book] from begin