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  • Are you in a mood?
    Do you notice that you spend lots of time in a particular mood or state of mind? Do you know how to enjoy your work? Do you know how your customers feel when they interact with you?

    The type of mood you’re in when you work, deliver your services, or manage your...

  • Docent explainer program on animal tracking. Activities located on the Conference Center Terrace.

  • With Ace Lehner
    7/8-8/5 (5 weeks)
    This hands-on class will explore a wide variety of techniques to make your photographs pop off of the page. Working with Adobe Photoshop and a variety of third-party plug-ins, students will explore the creative methods to create the stylized looks...

  • With Danny Neece
    7/14- 8/11 (5 weeks)
    Location: 365 Kroeber
    This is a course inspired by nature in all forms. We will use drawing and painting as a way to communicate nature's influence on us. Each class will have a subject driven demo at the beginning that will...

  • Do you need to email someone you've never met before to ask for their help, but you don't know where to start? Have you ever written a long email to a professor, only to receive no response? If so, this workshop is for you! We will discuss how to present yourself professionally over email to...

  • With Julien Shields
    7/21- 8/18 (5 weeks)
    Each student will select a short story, fairy tale, or fable to illustrate. Students will work towards illustrating their story through assignments in character development, environmental design, visual storytelling and the creative use of...

  • With Alan Tarbell
    7/7- 8/4 (5 weeks)
    Enjoy the campus environment and explore Plein Air Painting. Understand depth of space through line, shape, light and color. Seeking balance among the farms, discover rhythm and harmonies within the landscape. For painters with some experience....

  • With Jon Stich
    7/8-8/5 (5 weeks)
    This painting class is designed to prepare the student with an essential understanding of the acrylic painting medium, which is a great place to start! This class will teach you the skills necessary to paint well and to use paint effectively....

  • With Amanda Curreri
    7/9- 8/6 (5 weeks)
    Color is an integral, and often misunderstood, part of visual language. This course, using gouache (opaque water-based paints), offers a unique and comprehensive overview of color theory for artists (beginner through advanced). Weekly exercises...

  • With Danny Neece
    7/16- 8/14 (5 weeks)
    This class will teach you the skills necessary to draw well and to use drawing effectively. Through a series of studio projects, we will explore the key elements of drawing including line, shape, tone, compositional design, and the drawing field...