Current Graduate Students

Below is a list of graduate students. If you are not listed here and should be, contact the webmaster.

Wolfgang Alders
Khashayar Beigi
Medical Anthropology
Youssef Belal
Sociocultural Anthropology
Hector Beltran
Sociocultural Anthropology, Anthropology of Media and Race, Latina/o Migration, Folklore, Borderlands Theory
Brittany Birberick
Sociocultural Anthropology
Valerie Black
Sociocultural Anthropology
Diego Caleiro
Biolgoical Anthropology
Clare Cameron (UCSF)
Medical Anthropology, Exchange, Reciprocity and Debt, Humanitarianism(s), Indonesia
Mitzi Carter
Sociocultural Anthropology
Youssef J. Carter
Sociocultural Anthropology, Islam, African Diaspora, Transnationalism, Religion and Identity
Ana Casareto
Biological Anthropology, Brain Evolution, Evolution of Autism and Eye Contact
Angela Castillo Ardila
Sociocultural Anthropology. Latin America, minig conflicts, illlegality, sovereignty, the rule of law, subjectivity,
media and public representations of nature and the environment, rurality, informal economies, post-mining boom states.
Mario Castillo
Archaeology, Land-use, Geographic Information Systems, Mexico and North America
Celise Chilcote
Katie Chiou
Archaeology, Paleoethnobotany, Foodways/Cuisine, Andean Archaeology, Household Archaeology, Archaeological Ethics
Isaac Cohen
Medical Anthropology
Samuele Collu
Medical Anthropology, Psychological Anthropology, Phenomenology, Affect Theory, Critical Ontology, Psychoanalysis, Art, Hypnosis, Ethno-aesthetics, Argentina
Gabriel Coren
Sociocultural Anthropology
Michael D'Arcy
Medical Anthropology, Psychological Anthropology, Psychosis and Subjectivity, Antipsychotic Drugs, Ireland
Annie Danis
Archaeology, Sensory Archaeology, Historic Archaeology, Digital Archaeology, Archaeology of the Contemporary, North American Archaeology (Southwest and California), Community Archaeology, Identity and Placemaking, Sound, Art and Performance
Mila Djordjevic
Sociocultural Anthropology
Sultan Doughan
Sociocultural Anthropology
Katrina Eichner
Aaron Eldridge
Sociocultural Anthropology, Secularism, Christianity, Islam, Ethics, Politics, Egypt, and the Middle East
Dylan Fagan
Sociocultural Anthropology
Madza Y. Farias Virgens
Biological Anthropology, Brain Evolution, Evolution of Cognition and Language, Brain Genomics, Transcriptomics
Aurora Feeney-Kleinfeldt
Sociocultural Anthropology
Mark Fleming (UCSF)
Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Medicine, Transportation, Labor, United States and Europe
Juliana Friend
Sociocultural Anthropology, Sexuality, Islam, New Media, Senegal and it's diaspora
Michael Grone
Amanda Guzman
Archaeology, Caribbean Anthropology, Ceramic Technology, Museum Studies
Molly Hales (USCF)
Medical Anthropology
Jarre Hamilton
Cole Hansen
Medical Anthropology
Anna Harkey
Ashwak Hauter
Medical Anthropology
Zahra Hayat
Sociocultural Anthropology
Kathleen Huggins
Julie Hui
Biological Anthropology
David Hyde
Basit Iqbal
Sociocultural Anthropology, Islam, Secularism, Political Theology, Poetics
Lisa Johnson
Kevin Kenjar
Sociocultural Anthropology
Katherine Kinkopf
Patricia Kubala
Sociocultural Anthropology, Middle East, Islam, Aesthetics, Art, Film, Media, Censorship, Religion/Secularism, Reading Practices
Jean-Michael Landry
Sociocultural Anthropology
Eunice Lee
Sociocultural Anthropology
Chris Lowman
Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, Museum Anthropology, Chinese Diaspora
Candace Lukasik
Sociocultural Anthropology, Anthropology of Christianity, Secularism, Egypt, Christians in the Middle East, Minorities, Religious Authority and Lay Politics
James Scott Lyons
Annie Malcolm
Sociocultural Anthropology, China, Cultural Production
Victoria Massie
Sociocultural Anthropology
Alexandra McCleary
Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, Colonialism, Identity
Stephen McIsaac
Medical Anthropology, Memory, Futurity, Ethics, Subjectivity, South Africa
Heather Mellquist
Sociocultural Anthropology
Melanie Miller
Bioarchaeology, Stable Isotope Analysis, Human Diet, Skeletal Health, Bone Remodeling
Lisa Min
Sociocultural Anthropology
Esteban Miron Mirvan
Theresa Molino
Maiko Morimoto
Sociocultural Anthropology
Shakthi Nataraj
Sociocultural Anthropology, ex, Transgender, Translation, Narratives, Historical Anthropology, Tamil
Peter Nelson
Archaeology, Indigenous Archaeology, Landscape Management, California, Paleoethnobotany
Emily Ng
Medical Anthropology, Psychological Anthropology, Madness, Subjectivity, Post-Socialist Cosmologies, China
Dillon Niederhut
Rosa Norton
Sociocultural Anthropology, Andalusia and the Maghrib, Islam, Affect, Memory and Place
Milad Odabaei
Sociocultural Anthropology, Anthropology and Critical Theories of Modernity, Tradition, Religion, and Politics; History, Violence, and Subjectivity. Iran, Islam, and the Middle East.
Adeola Oni-Orisan (UCSF)
Medical Anthropology, Religion, Secularism, Development, Pentecostalism, Reproductive Health, Postcolonial Studies, Nigeria
Jason Price
Sociocultural Anthropology
Raphaƫlle Rabanes
Medical anthropology, Psychological anthropology, Psychoanalysis, Postcolonial studies, Subjectivity, Embodiment, Memory, Rehabilitation, Danse. Caribbean/French Antilles, Europe/France.
Maryani Palupy Rasidjan (UCSF)
Medical Anthropology, Indonesia, Papua, Race and Women's Reproductive Health, Global Health
Antonia Rivas
Sociocultural Anthropology, Anthro of Law, Human Rights, Indigenous People
Ricardo Rivera
Sociocultural Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology, Turkey
Erin Rodriguez
Archaeology, Geoarchaeology, Soil Micromorphology, Queer Theory, Inclusive Pedagogy
Nicole Rosner
Sociocultural Anthropology
Kamala Russell
Sociocultural Anthropology, Anthropological Linguistics, Gesture, Oman, Private, Temporality and Modality
Jennifer Salinas
Gabriel Sanchez
Archaeology, Indigenous Archaeology, Zooarchaeology, Landscape and seascape management, California, hunter-gatherers-fishers
Kristin Sangren
Sociocultural Anthropology
Cheryl Schmitz
Sociocultural Anthropology
Alyssa Scott
Olesya Shayduk-Immerman
Sociocultural Anthropology
Flavio Silva de la Mora
Julia Sizek
Sociocultural Anthropology, Land and Nature, Nonprofits, Native California, Environmentalism
Carolyn Smith
Indigenous Methodologies, Museum Anthropology; Materiality; Multi-species Ethnography.
Jeremy Soh
Sociocultural Anthropology
Danny Sosa Aguilar
William F. Stafford, Jr.
Sociocultural Anthropology, Labour and Informality, Measurement, Conversion/Translation, Regulation, Jurisprudence, Economy, Value, Poverty, Administration, STS
Ian Steele
Sociocultural Anthropology
Jillian Swift
Archaeology, Polynesia, Zooarchaeology, Stable Isotope Analysis, Foodways, and Political Economy
Carolina Talavera
Medical Anthropology
Geoffrey Taylor
David Thompson
Sociocultural Anthropology, Anthropology of Law, Brazil, Incarceration, Rehabilitation, Citizenship, Urban Politics
Marlee Tichenor
Medical Anthropology
Trent Trombley
Kirsten Vacca
Household Archaeology, Gender, Pre-contact Hawai'i
Adrian Van Allen
Sociocultural Anthropology
Rosalynn Vega
Medical Anthropology
Max Waterman
Medical Anthropology, Situated Ontology, Anthropology of Non-humans, Healthcare and Labor, Temporality, Addiction, Opiate Substitute Therapy
Hallie Wells
Sociocultural/Linguistic Anthropology, Language Ideology, Literature, Transnationalism, Political Economy
Ryan Whitacre
South Africa, the United States, and Clinical Trial Sites Worldwide; Pharmaceutical Development, Intellectual Property Rights, Citizen-patients, and Patient Choice; Science, Technology and Society (STS) Studies; HIV care, Epidemiology, Health Care Policy and Preventative Medicine
Anthony Wright
Medical Anthropology