Course Semester Level Title Instructor
2AC Fall 2017 U Introduction to Archaeology  Kent Lightfoot
3AC Fall 2017 U Introduction to Social/Cultural Anthropology Charles Hirschkind
R5B Fall 2017 U Reading & Composition: After Nature and Culture: Moderns and Nonmoderns on a Changing Earth Soh, J
R5B Fall 2017 U Reading & Composition: Anthropology Kirsten Vacca
R5B Fall 2017 U Reading and Composition in Anthropology Jeremy Soh
24 Fall 2017 U Freshman Seminar Lisa A. Maher
24 Fall 2017 U Freshman Seminar: The Workings of a Museum: What Goes on in a Museum of Culture? Adam Nilsen
84 Fall 2017 U Sophomore Seminar: Race, Gender, and Social Life in Colonial Honduras  Rosemary Joyce
107 Fall 2017 U Evolution of the Human Brain  Terrence W. Deacon
121C Fall 2017 U Historical Archaeology: Historical Artifact Identification and Analysis  Laurie Wilkie
124A Fall 2017 U Pacific Cultures: Archaeology of the South Pacific  Patrick Kirch
C125A Fall 2017 U Archaeology of East Asia  Junko Habu
126M Fall 2017 U Geoarchaeology  Lisa A. Maher
127A Fall 2017 U Bioarchaeology: Introduction to Skeletal Biology and Bioarchaeology  Sabrina C. Agarwal
128 Fall 2017 U Ancient African Civilizations William White
136A Fall 2017 U Museum Exhibit Curation and Design  Rosemary Joyce
138A Fall 2017 U History and Theory of Ethnographic Film  Daniel Fisher
140 Fall 2017 U The Anthropology of Food  Christine Hastorf
141 Fall 2017 U Comparative Society  Aihwa Ong
149 Fall 2017 U Psychological Anthropology  Stefania Pandolfo
157 Fall 2017 U Anthropology of Law  Laura Nader
169B Fall 2017 U Research Theory and Methods in Socio-Cultural Anthropology Mariane C Ferme
189 Fall 2017 U Special Topics in Social/Cultural Anthropology  Paul M. Rabinow
189 Fall 2017 U Black Atlantic Environments Sarah E. Vaughn
189 Fall 2017 U Posthumanity? Xin Liu
189 Fall 2017 U Sex: Anthropological Karen Nakamura
229A Fall 2017 G Archaeological Research Strategies  Rosemary Joyce
230 Fall 2017 G Special Topics in Archaeology Christine Hastorf
230 Fall 2017 G Special Topics in Archaeology Jun Sunseri
240A Fall 2017 G Fundamentals of Anthropological Theory Xin Liu
250E Fall 2017 G Anthropology of Politics James Holston
250X Fall 2017 G Anthropology of Media: Materiality, Meaning, and Mediatization Daniel Fisher
250X Fall 2017 G Seminars in Social and Cultural Anthropology: Special Topics Saba Mahmood
250X Fall 2017 G Special Topics in Social/Cultural Anthropology Paul M. Rabinow
C262A Fall 2017 G Theories of Traditionality and Modernity Charles L. Briggs