Course Semester Level Title Instructor
157 Fall 2013 U Anthropology of Law Laura Nader
160AC Fall 2013 U Forms of Folklore Charles Briggs
169B Fall 2013 U Research Theory and Methods in Social Cultural Anthropology Mariane Ferme
189 Fall 2013 U Bio-Power, Bio-Sociality, Bio-Design Paul Rabinow
189 Fall 2013 U Postcolonialism, Feminism, and Sexuality Saba Mahmood
229A Fall 2013 G Archeological Research Strategies Rosemary Joyce and Lisa Maher
230 Fall 2013 G Special Topics Junko Habu
230 Fall 2013 G Special Topics: Food Christine Hastorf
230 Fall 2013 G Archaeology of Colonialism Kent Lightfoot
230 Fall 2013 G Social Theory in Archaeology Rosemary Joyce
232 Fall 2013 G Advanced Topics in Bone Biology Sabrina Agarwal
240A Fall 2013 G Fundamentals of Anthropological Theory Lawrence Cohen
250X Fall 2013 G Anthropology of the Future Aihwa Ong
250X Fall 2013 G Anthropology of Trauma and History Stefania Pandolfo
250X Fall 2013 G Crowd and Cloud Cori Hayden
250X Fall 2013 G History, Tradition, Myth Charles Hirschkind
250X Fall 2013 G Anthropology, Law, and Difference Saba Mahmood
250X Fall 2013 G Science and Power Laura Nader
250X Fall 2013 G Anthropology of the Contemporary Paul Rabinow
250X Fall 2013 G Varieties of Communism and Post-Communist Traditions Alexei Yurchak
262A Fall 2013 G Traditionalities Charles Briggs
375 Fall 2013 G Graduate Pedagogy Seminar Sabrina Agarwal
1 Spring 2013 U Introduction to Biological Anthropology Terrence Deacon
2 Spring 2013 U Introduction to Archaeology Kent Lightfoot
3AC Spring 2013 U Introduction to Social/Cultural Anthropology Xin Liu
24 Spring 2013 U The Imagined Past: Archaeology in Film Rosemary Joyce
C100 Spring 2013 U Human Paleontology Tim White
115 Spring 2013 U Introduction to Medical Anthropology Lawrence Cohen
119 Spring 2013 U (Cons)sequential Genealogies of Difference James Battle
121C Spring 2013 U Historical Artifact Identification and Analysis Laurie Wilkie
122A Spring 2013 U Archeology of North America Jun Sunseri
C124C Spring 2013 U Pacific Cultures Patrick Kirch
127B Spring 2013 U Reconstruction of Life Patrick Beauchesne
128 Spring 2013 U Heritage and Public Archaeology B. Turcu
128M Spring 2013 U Archaeology Under the Microscope Lisa Maher
129A Spring 2013 U Prehistoric Art Robert David
137 Spring 2013 U Energy, Culture, and Society Laura Nader
138B Spring 2013 U Field Production of Ethnographic Film Kwame Braun
C147B Spring 2013 U Sexuality and Culture
149 Spring 2013 U Psychological Anthropology Stefania Pandolfo
155 Spring 2013 U The Anthropology of Reason, Science, and Modernity Paul Rabinow
171 Spring 2013 U Anthropology of Japan Junko Habu
179 Spring 2013 U Ethnography of the Maya William Hanks
180 Spring 2013 U Anthropology of the Mediterranean Stanley Brandes
180AC Spring 2013 U L&S 180AC Rosemary Joyce
183 Spring 2013 U Topics in the Anthropological Study of Africa Donald Moore
189 Spring 2013 U Mass Violence, Representations, and Justice Mariane Ferme
189A Spring 2013 U Asian Capitalism Aihwa Ong
189 Spring 2013 U Special Topics Stanley Herman
189 Spring 2013 U Fundamentals of Semiotics Arpita Roy