Special Topics: Anthropology and Cinema

Screen, Image, Sound: Anthropology and Cinema
Course Number: 
Kroeber 219
Daniel Fisher
W 9 - 12 pm

This graduate seminar places cinema and related filmic media at its center. Our discussions will move between anthropological and ethnographic projects to which filmic media is central, and historical, theoretical, and philosophical works that explore cinema and the cinematic. In this endeavor we will consider ‘cinema’ in its broadest terms, as at once a series of works in filmic and audio media, the broader material apparatus and modes of circulation and consumption of such media, and the modes of seeing, hearing, feeling, and apprehending (and storing, creating, governing, etc.) that cinema and the cinematic make available. The three keywords in the seminar title will provide axes for comparative interrogation of geographically and theoretically disparate works. Some broad questions organizing initial discussions include: 

·       In what ways has film become an object of anthropological interest? What form has the anthropology of filmic media taken? And how have approaches to cinema differed from other media anthropologies?

·      How has cinema and its related material and conceptual apparatuses informed anthropological (and other) figures of, inter alia, creativity, subjectivity, improvisation, 'geontology,' the image, and time?

·      And in what ways has filmic media encouraged a reimagining of anthropology’s approach to knowledge production and ethnographic praxis?

·      How might we characterize a contemporary anthropology of cinematic media and how and why has it taken this shape?

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