Course Semester Level Title Instructor
1 Spring 2016 U Introduction to Biological Anthropology Agarwal, S
2AC Spring 2016 U Introduction to Archaeology Sunseri, J
3AC Spring 2016 U Introduction to Social/Cultural Anthropology Holston, J
R5B Spring 2016 U Archaeology of Childhood Chilcote, C
R5B Spring 2016 U Pharmaceutical Ambiguities D'Arcy, M
R5B Spring 2016 U Archaeologies of Sex, Gender, and Sexuality Vacca, K
R5B Spring 2016 U Anthropology of Secularism & Religion Maidhof, C
84 Spring 2016 U Sophmore Seminar Joyce, R
111 Spring 2016 U Evolution of Human Behavior Deacon, T
114 Spring 2016 U History of Anthropological Thought Joyce,R
115 Spring 2016 U Introduction to Medical Anthropology Tober, D
126M Spring 2016 U Geoarchaeology Lisa A. Maher
134 Spring 2016 U Analysis of the Archaeological Record Kent Lightfoot
137 Spring 2016 U Energy, Culture, and Social Organization Laura NADER
138B Spring 2016 U Field Production of Ethnographic Film Braun, N
149 Spring 2016 U Psychological Anthropology Stefania Pandolfo
162 Spring 2016 U Special Topics in Folklore Martinez-Morrison, A
170 Spring 2016 U China Xin LIU
179 Spring 2016 U Ethnography of the Maya William F. Hanks
184 Spring 2016 U South Asia Lawrence COHEN
189 Spring 2016 U Special Topics in Social/Cultural Anthropology Cori Hayden
189A Spring 2016 U The New Humanitarianism Aihwa ONG
189-2 Spring 2016 U Folklore, Medicine, and the Politics of Healing Mantini-Briggs, C
217 Spring 2016 G Discourse and of the Body Briggs, C
219 Spring 2016 G Topics in Medical Anthropology Scheper-Hughes, N
221 Spring 2016 G Pre-Columbian Central America Joyce, R
229B Spring 2016 G Archaeological Research Strategies Lightfoot, K
230 Spring 2016 G Special Topics in Archaeology Maher, L
240B Spring 2016 G Fundamentals of Anthropological Thought Yurchak, A
250C Spring 2016 G Globalization: Anticipatory Futures Ong, A
250R Spring 2016 G Dissertation Writing Brandes, S
250V Spring 2016 G Tourism Graburn, N
250X Spring 2016 G Special Topics: Classic Ethnographies Nader, L
250X Spring 2016 G Special Topics: Cultural Politics of Race and Racisms Moore, D
C262B Spring 2016 G Theories of Traditionality and Modernity Goldstein, R
C273 Spring 2016 G Science and Technology Studies Research Seminar Iles, A
280D Spring 2016 G China Liu, X
290 Spring 2016 G Survey of Anthropological Research Mahmood, S
290 Spring 2016 G Survey of Anthropological Research Joyce, R
2 AC Fall 2015 U Intro to Archaeology (American Cultures) Wilkie, L
3 AC Fall 2015 U Intro to Sociocultural Anthropology (American Cultures) George, M
R5B-1 Fall 2015 U Linguistic Anthropology Russell, K
R5B-2 Fall 2015 U Writing House and Home: the Archaeology of Daily Life Rodriguez, E
R5B-3 Fall 2015 U Archaeological Ethics Chiou, K
R5B-4 Fall 2015 U TBD Staff
24 Fall 2015 U The Polynesians Kirch, P
107 Fall 2015 U Evolution of the Human Brain Deacon, T
112 Fall 2015 U Special Topics in Biological Anthropology: Who Are the Neanderthals? Ames, C
121 AC Fall 2015 U American Material Culture Christensen-Schwartz, K
122F Fall 2015 U California Archaeology Lightfoot, K